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Instructors: Jackie Clark

Class summary:
Traditional African is a dance form in which the dancer is often bent forward at the hip, the arms move in a fluid manner, and the knees are bent. The movement is beautifully fluid and yet very rhythmic. Our class combines the excitement of Traditional African movement with the best of Modern Jazz, and is a favorite of all ages at The Dance Studio of Fresno. You won’t want to miss it!.


Ballet (Pointe | Barre)

Instructors: Chebar, Grethel, Jeanne, Dana, Cynthia, Ashley, Kathryn

Class Summary:
The ballet class is one of the most challenging, yet most gratifying classes that we offer. Giving students precise technique, ballet offers a lot more than what meets the eye.


It is the foundation for many other dance forms, such as jazz, tap, pep/cheer, hip-hop, and ballroom. Ballet teaches alignment, placement, balance and elegance. 

If you are a student of dance and looking for a great class, try BALLET - and give yourself a chance to experience art in its purest form.

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( Swing | Salsa | Smooth)

Class Summary:
Words can not explain the joy of Ballroom and Social Dance. This class includes many different dance styles from West Coast Swing, Night Club Two-Step and ChaCha, to Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango. The class is ongoing and open to all teens and adults. No partner is needed to join.


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Instructors: Yolanda

BatonClass Summary:
Baton Twirling has come a long way in recent years, and competitive Twirlers has established themselves as true athletes. Baton twirling is now part of the AAU Junior Olympics and has been added to the NCAA list of emerging sports for women. This class includes instruction for basic twirling fundamentals, marching and maneuvering skills, eye-hand coordination, thumb flips, and more. Those interested in competitive opportunities are welcomed.


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Class Summary:
Breakdance is here! Now you can learn all the hot moves, spins, and flips that only breakdance can teach.

This original class will be taught by Michael Lingenfelter, a very talented breakdancer and instructor. He will show students the basics of breakdancing and also some difficult moves that will require skill and patience. Whichever level you come in on, you are guaranteed to learn something. So sign up today!

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Children Combinations

Instructors: Jeanne, Katie, Diane, Shannon, Cynthia, Kristi, Shannon, Aunica, AshleyChildren's CombinationsClass Summary:
These classes for designed for students as young as three years old and are set up as Tap/Ballet, Jazz/Gymnastics, and HipHop/Gymnastics. Each two-fold class includes 30 minutes of each dance to accommodate a youngster's attention span, while providing the student with exposure to multiple dance forms.


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Instructors: Barry

Class Summary:
Clogging is a percussive dance form that originated in the Appalachian Mountains. Through generations of dancers, clogging has evolved to a cross between Tap and Irish Step. We offer Beginning to Intermediate/Advanced Clogging classes and invite all Teens and Adults to join in the fun. Never danced before? No problem! We'll have you movin' to the Beat in no time.

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Instructors: Dave
Class Summary:
Our mission is to provide an enjoyable FUN activity for children, to encourage whole body FITNESS by vigorous exercise, and to develop the FUNDAMENTAL skills of acrobatic movement. Our intent is to take the natural movements of energetic children and to guide them so that against the forces of nature, they can express an enlarged vocabulary of competent movement.

Tumbling is the creation and control of Momentum. The abilities enhanced by participation in a gymnastic program are fundamental to movement in general. A gym program helps to prepare its participants for many different active physical pursuits. Acrobatics provides a rich range of experiences in which children learn to confidently perform novel and often initially frightening stunts. Wholehearted and active participation by the student is likely to form a positive sense of self- reliance in demanding physical situations.

An athlete wishing to become an acrobat must have powerful muscles, good flexibility and balance. We monitor the student's ability to perform sit-ups, long jumps, 20-meter sprints, cartwheels, handsprings, and more.

Skills are broken down into four categories: Static Positions, Rolls (or floor tricks), Wheels (cartwheels and roundoffs), and Sprints (Handsprings, aerials, and somersaults). Students are encouraged to demonstrate exemplary behavior in demeanor, attire, helpfulness, work habits, and "coachability".

To fly through the air unassisted and unencumbered by apparatus is one of the most thrilling of human experiences. Our goal is to make that happen for our students in a healthy and safe environment.

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Hip Hop
Instructors: Season, Andiee, Ashley
Class Summary:
The most popular and fastest-growing department at The Dance Studio of Fresno is without a doubt HipHop. This dance form is a thrilling adventure. Dancers from all across the valley come to this specialty class in search of innovative and contemporary movement and great music in an atmosphere of safe self-expression and fun!

HipHop is not limited to one style or technique. Variety in HipHop is a MUST! The Dance Studio of Fresno is pleased to offer several different styles of HipHop including B-Bop, Pop/Lock, Floating, Urban Funk, and even Break-Dance!! Come check us out.


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Instructors: Sue, Season, Shannon, Andiee, Cassie, Kristi, Dana, Addie, Ashley
Class Summary:

Studying Jazz is an exciting journey. Jazz relies on a dancer's classical training, yet pushes him/her to connect emotionally to music and movement. Jazz encompass an amazing litany of styles: Theatre Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Modern, African, Contemporary, Lyrical - the list is endless. The Dance Studio of Fresno is excited to offer several different styles of Jazz in order to help dancers expand their movement vocabulary.

In addition to regular classes, we continually bring in Master Teachers from all of the U.S. to educate and inspire our teachers and students. Notables include Mia Michaels (Celine Dion, Cirque de Solei, Prince, Madonna), Brian Friedman (Brittany Spears, Pink, Mya, Dance Fever), Jackie Sleight, Doug Caldwell, and Jeff Amsden, to name a few.

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Pep | Cheer

Instructors: Shannon, Katie, Aunica 

Pep/CheerClass Summary:
Everyone wants to be a Cheerleader! We offer great training from basic to advanced movement in Showdance/Cheer, Songleading/Pom and All-Star Jazz Dance. We offer classes for Elementary, Junior High, High School, and even College students. Come prepare yourself for the next try-outs at your school.


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Instructors: Sue, Katie, Andiee, Kasey, Diane, Shannon, Barry

Class Summary:
Creating rhythms and sounds, tap dancing is truly unique. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to "hear" music. Tap is regarded as a truly American dance form that has been passed down from generation to generation, and is one of our most popular classes. Our tap department includes Traditional Tap (42nd Street) and Rhythm Tap (Gregory Hines, Savion Glover) styles.

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Mommy & Me and Toddler
Instructors: Cynthia, Katie, Diane, Aunica

Class Summary:
This class is an introduction to dance for children two to three years old. Students learn to follow instructions in a group setting, while learning basic ballet and tap steps, as well as basic tumbling. They focus on coordination while singing and playing musical games.

Parents begin each new session in the class with their children, but are encouraged to view the class from outside the room as their children become more independent. Students completing the Toddler program generally proceed to one or more of the combination classes for three year olds.

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Instructors: Jeanne, Kristi, Cassie, Dana 

Class Summary:
Turns Technique is an important component in every dancer's repertoire and will enhance all of the dancer's dance styles. Our Turns classes break down the most basic of turns (chaine, pique, pirouette) through the advanced (fuetes, a la seconds, grand pirouettes). The student's goal is to execute a series of complicated Turns patterns technically correct and safely.


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